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Our high-tech software brings landscaping visions into reality using 3D designs and renderings

The selection and exact placements of plants, hardscape elements, and trees can be rendered in our graphical mock-ups.

Our team can work with you to create a high-tech, graphical mock-up of your property, which will show the exact placement of hardscape elements, plants, shrubs, trees, and ornamental plants. We will ensure that plant selection and placement contributes to a successful installation that lasts. At Blueshine Inc., our software creates 3D designs and renderings to ensure your landscaping vision becomes a reality for your property in Northbrook, Glencoe, Barrington, IL or nearby areas.

3D Designs & Renderings Offer Dynamic Views of Landscaping Choices & New Outdoor Spaces

You don’t have to take our word for it! Using Vizterra software, we give customers a “real-time” view of new outdoor living spaces which can be manipulated to demonstrate multiple perspectives.

Hardscape projects such as patios, walkways, and retaining walls can be situated in their exact locations for your review. Even outdoor kitchens can be placed into 3D designs & renderings, which give homeowners and businesses all across our service area, which includes Northbrook, Glencoe, and Barrington, IL the opportunity to be a part of the planning process.

Plants are rendered in high-resolution images, showing mature growth sizes to aid in their placement. The process guarantees proper symmetry, balance, and proportion during the planning phase. Night time views are also included to complete the dynamic rendering of the finished product.

We’ve been awarded five design trend certifications from the producers of Vizterra! We also participate in ongoing training to stay on top of advances in their rendering technology. Our team is dedicated to enhancing the planning phase to include your input for optimum results on your landscaping choices.

Vizterra Software Offers Features Such as 3D Walkthroughs & Real-Time Adjustments

One of the most useful features of Vizterra is our ability to create comprehensive video walkthroughs to showcase how each element will blend together. The software even allows you to hear the crackle of a firepit or the chirping of crickets as you fly through your newly designed outdoor living spaces!

Clients often make multiple changes before our crew officially breaks ground on their property. That’s because we can easily change placements, designs, and layouts to ensure your vision is met. You won’t have to wait for us to spend hours changing your design; we can make immediate, real-time adjustments until the project meets your expectations.

3D Planning Gives Our Designers the Ability to Manage Balance, Proportion, & More

One of the keys to a great landscaping project is balance. Your lawn and outdoor living areas are a living work of art, and clutter or lack of symmetry can spoil the entire look.

The use of 3D designs and renderings is extremely beneficial when our designers are planning for proportion, balance, focal points, and symmetry. Graphical curbside views are critical in demonstrating the “big picture.” Striking the proper balance involves creating an imaginary axis to arrange items around using equal proportions.

For example, using a larger tree as a focal point with three smaller plants at either side of its base can be beautiful or disastrous. The ideal scenario involves the smaller plants being placed correctly and at equal distances from the focal tree and each other. If the smaller plants on either side of the focal point lack proportion the result is an unbalanced, scattered look.

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