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We Provide Professionally Designed & Installed Patios & Walkways For The Needs Of Homeowners & Businesses

The patios and walkways our professionals install will boost the functionality of your outdoor living by extending its usable space.

Many homeowners and businesses choose to extend their usable space by installing patios and walkways for better access to their properties. Both hardscape projects provide an attractive way to boost visual appeal and functionality by making outdoor living areas more inviting and comfortable.

At Blueshine Inc., our pros design and install quality outdoor living areas to increase curb appeal for property owners in and around Northbrook, Glencoe, and Barrington, IL.

The Benefits of Installing a Patio, Walkway, or Seating Wall

Our builds are designed to last. Your new patio will give you additional, livable outdoor space to unwind with family and enjoy some fresh air. The level and solid surface patios provide give you more furniture options than a typical lawn. Heavier, stronger tables, chairs, and accessories will be better protected and last longer.

Walkways allow safer, easier access to your outdoor areas and increase overall curb appeal. Your grass will be better protected from trampling feet by steering foot traffic clear of your beds and lawn. Elderly or disabled guests will also be provided with safer, more accommodating access to your home.

Seating walls are another popular request of our clients. They provide additional seating with reduced clutter and attractive heavy-duty construction. Seating walls allow patterns, finishes, and colors to be continued from your home or patio areas to create highlight your design elements.

We Construct Hardscape Projects Using Concrete Pavers, Flagstone, Natural Stone, & Brick

There are many materials available for the construction of outdoor living areas. We have gained valuable experience constructing projects for clients throughout the area that includes Northbrook, Glencoe, and Barrington, IL with results that speak for themselves. Our builds come in all shapes and sizes to suit your specific needs.

Below you will find a detailed breakdown of the materials we use for our custom patios, walkways, seating walls, & outdoor living areas:

• Concrete Pavers - Pavers come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Interlocking concrete pieces create interesting geometric designs. Pavers typically last between 30 and 50 years. Scrub with a stiff brush to remove dirt buildup.
Flagstone / Natural Stone - Natural stone segments are cut down to various sizes and can be arranged to create solid surfaces and stacked designs. They are natural, and perhaps the most durable material available. Some wear and tear may occur, including cracks in mortar joints after several years. Scrub with vinegar or dish soap to remove dirt and grime.
Brick - Bricks can be arranged to create patterns and come in just a few colors. They are somewhat limiting because they commonly come in a single shape. Bricks are extremely durable and have been used for building for thousands of years. The mortar joints may begin to crack after several years, but repairs are relatively inexpensive. Use a chlorine or bleach solution to scrub down and remove dirt.

Our Design Process Includes 3D Generated Renderings With Multiple Angles & Viewpoints

We utilize an industry-leading software suite called Vizterra. Our 3D renderings come to life by allowing clients to take a virtual tour of their project to ensure full satisfaction is achieved. You can view your project in real time, from multiple angles and viewpoints, and see what it will look like at night! We can include plant life, hardscapes, and natural ambient sound effects to give you a hyper-realistic experience before we break ground.

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