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We design beautiful decorative driveways that are built to last in Northbrook, Glencoe, and Barrington, IL, as well as the surrounding areas.

The contractors on our team are experienced at designing and building decorative driveways that add value to your property.

Driveways generally occupy a substantial part of many front yards and are often used to welcome visitors and family members to your home. On top of serving an important purpose, a visually pleasing, built-to-last, decorative driveway adds value to your property.

At Blueshine Inc.., we are an experienced contractor with design and build expertise pertaining to hardscaping elements, such as decorative driveways. We provide our services to clients located in Northbrook, Glencoe, and Barrington, IL, as well as nearby communities.

Factors That Figure Into Designing a Decorative Driveway

Many factors figure into the ideal choice for the shape, size, and length of our builds. Clients with large trees near the curb line or those on streets with heavy traffic often choose to have circular drives or add turn around areas for added safety. Others desire more simple, straight designs. When designing your decorative driveway, we can accommodate many shapes or sizes to meet the needs of your vehicles and preferences.

We consult with homeowners to understand their vision and offer a host of ideas for design specifics. Your new driveway will offer a smooth transition from the road to your garage or parking areas with the added benefit of a visually pleasing finish.

The Construction Materials Commonly Used

The average driveway is constructed using poured concrete, which stains and cracks over time. Our custom driveways add value and visual appeal to your home with higher-quality construction materials.

Here is a list of materials our contractors commonly use:

Concrete Pavers

• Interlocking pavers come in multiple shapes and sizes to create eye-catching, geometric patterns.
• Pavers require proper grading and compaction to prevent shifting and damage.

Natural Stone & Flagstone

• Pre-cut slabs of stone that come in natural shapes can be jigsawed together for the ultimate custom look. They also come in square/rectangle slabs to create perpendicular, linear patterns similar to tile.
• Natural stone can range in thickness and size, which require extra care for evenness and level driveway construction. In time, stones may become slightly uneven, requiring minor repairs.


• Bricks have been used for thousands of years and are known to last. They create a classic look that blend especially well with brick home architecture.
• They can be prone to shifting from the weight of cars and root intrusion, leading to minor repairs and upkeep. When properly installed by a pro like Montesinos Landscaping & Stonework, grading, compacting, and joint mortar/sand can prevent movement.

Decorative Driveways May Require Regular Cleaning, Minor Maintenance, & Protective Sealant

As with any home amenity, decorative driveways may require a little minor upkeep to retain their beauty. Here is a short list of common maintenance items your custom build may need:

• Sealant - Numerous products are designed to protect the color, prevent cracking, and extend the overall life of materials. Applications do not require special equipment or experience. Most sealants need to be reapplied every three years.
Cleaning - Use a stiff brush to clear build-up of grime and dirt. Apply dish soap with degreaser, scrub and rinse. Pressure washing is helpful but consult with our pros to avoid damage.
Damaged Joints - If mortar or joint materials were used during construction, you may notice slight cracking after several years of use. Repairs can clear up the problem and are relatively inexpensive.
Avoid Deicing Chemicals - Certain deicing compounds can damage the color and vitality of decorative driveways.

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