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Enhance your outdoor living space in Northbrook, Glencoe, or the surrounding areas like Barrington in Illinois

Our team of professionals is ready to help property owners seeking to extend their property's outdoor livable space.

Outdoor living areas are in high demand as homeowners seek to extend the livable space on their property and create an area that is peaceful and calming.

Our team is ready to help your family cozy up together next to a custom fire pit or fireplace. Our experienced professionals can enhance the outdoor living spaces of property owners throughout Northbrook, Glencoe, Barrington, IL, and the nearby communities.

The Design Tool We Use & Materials Used to Construct Gas or Wood Burning Units

Well-designed custom firepits and fireplaces should be constructed to blend as part of the existing area. We utilize 3D design software called Vizterra, which is a professional design tool that can help you envision the exact placement of your new build alongside your current patio and home exterior.

Fireplaces are designed to seamlessly blend with the current architecture. All materials are fire and spark resistant.

We use a variety of sturdy, attractive materials for construction of gas or wood burning units, including:

• Block - Multiple shapes & sizes can be fit together to create durable, intricate designs.
Dimensional Stone - Provides a rustic, classic look using custom cut stones that fit together to create a flush and beautiful design
Stone Veneer - Thin, flat slabs of sleek-looking stone can be stacked and arranged to create gorgeous designs

Our Client-Driven Approach Ensures Outcomes Match Their Expectations of Size, Shape, & Color

Our process is client-driven and involves plenty of input from home and business owners. We provide renderings and imagery of the final product and have access to the materials we plan to use. Locations of future builds will take into consideration the aesthetics and balance of the outdoor space with safety and functionality at the forefront.

Our fire pits and fireplaces are built in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes to accommodate the needs and expectations of the customer. Some homeowners within our service area that includes Northbrook, Glencoe, Barrington, IL prefer circular pits while others request square or rectangle designs. Fire pits and fireplaces tend to be either 3 feet or 6 feet wide, but we offer fully customizable options for our clients.

Increase Seating Space With a Custom-Built Seating Wall

A gorgeous custom seating wall is a wonderful final touch to any outdoor entertaining area. They are built using materials that match the siding, colors, and finishes of homes, patios, and exteriors, offering a clutter-free way to increase seating space.

Our contractor can design a seating wall that seamlessly extends the look of your custom fire pit, fireplace, or home architecture to add an aesthetically pleasing accent to your outdoor living space.

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