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Add Value & A Living Space For Entertainment To Your Home

Clients can take virtual tours via our interactive 3D design renderings of the outdoor kitchens, patios, and walkways that we can build for them.

We design and build outdoor kitchens and living spaces, including patios and walkways for commercial and residential clients. Our custom builds create usable extensions of your property that add value and are ideal for entertaining and unwinding in the fresh air.

At Blueshine Inc., we use a computerized 3D design process that produces interactive renderings of your project during the planning phase. You can take a virtual tour of your potential project first to make sure you love it. Our services are available in Northbrook, and surrounding communities like Glencoe and Barrington, IL.

Outdoor Kitchens Provide ROI & Require Minimal Maintenance

It’s difficult to provide exact calculations for return on investment (ROI) for household additions. The math varies based upon many factors, including local real estate markets, home value, materials used, and appliances installed.

As a general rule, Supermoney.com has placed the ROI of outdoor kitchens at about 50%. Returning half of your investment is not bad at all, and there is the added bonus of making the property more attractive should you decide to sell in the future.

As with any cooking and food prep area, your new living space will require some minimal maintenance, including:

• Cleaning grills to prevent soot, grease, and ash buildup
• Cleaning fire pits for fire safety
• Routine plumbing repair
• Scrubbing of stainless steel appliances to preserve finishes

High-Quality & Durable Materials Are Used During Construction

Our outdoor kitchen and living spaces are constructed from high-quality, durable materials that can withstand the various climate conditions experienced in the wider area that includes Northbrook, Glencoe, and Barrington, IL. We use attractive stacked stone during construction to create gorgeous, earthy patterns that are naturally sturdy. Also, you can choose from a number of heavy-duty appliances, many of which are made of stainless steel.

Our Custom Outdoor Kitchens Can Come With Many Features, Including Pizza Ovens, Grills, & Sinks

Many homeowners decide to throw everything into their projects, including the kitchen sink! We happily install quality appliances to provide complete cooking and food prep areas right in your backyard. Our team can also use kits for custom/designs and installs.

Some commonly installed outdoor kitchen items include:

• Sinks
• Pizza Ovens
• Grills
• Bars
• Refrigerated Beer Keg Dispensers
• Seating Walls
• Fire Pits
• Cook Tops
• Refrigerators
• Countertops & Cabinets

Our Designers Use Computer-Based 3D Renderings Before Beginning Construction

A home is often the biggest investment a person will make in their lifetime. Committing to a construction project is not something homeowners take lightly. Neither do we! We utilize 3D Landscaping & Design software called Vizterra, which is an industry leading computer-based design suite.

Our software allows us to create real-time renderings which include all of the details chosen by the client. You can view your potential project from all angles and even “fly through” the design. Vizterra allows us to create a hyper-realistic, hands-on virtual tour of your new outdoor living space before we even begin construction! Clients become part of the planning team by working with us to make instant changes to the project before we begin.

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