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Spring, Summer & Fall Yard Clean Ups

We specialize in everything lawn and landscaping that includes cleaning it up! Most of our yard clean up services are executed in the spring to prepare for the season growth and the fall to prepare for winter. However, you can have your yard cleaned up anytime and that also includes the summer! Cleaning up an overgrown neglected home or business property can be a daunting task that's why you should call in the professionals at Blueshine Inc. Our yard clean up services can include:

• Cleaning up leaves, branches, clutter and other organic material
• Raking and removal of leaves
• Mowing the grass
• Trimming hedges and shrubs
• Clearing out weeds, sticks and other debris from landscaping and flower beds
• Refreshing mulch or landscape rock (typically spring/summer only)
• Edging around driveways, walkways and landscaping beds
• Power washing
• Gutter cleaning
• Lawn fertilizer and weed-control applications

We want to do whatever it takes to get your property looking its best. You can trust our professional team at MCH Landscaping & Stonework Inc. to get your lawn and landscaping cleaned up in a timely manner, show up on time and at the cost we estimated. For most lawns in Lake County Area and surrounding areas, we can complete the clean up in just one day. If your property is severely neglected or is very large, it may take 2-3 days. Call us at the number above for an estimate of cost and time it will take to clean up the property at your home or business.

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