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Lake County Trimming & Pruning Services

Many home and business owners are often intimidated by trimming and pruning their shrubs, plants and trees. Neglecting to trim and prune your landscaping will leave your shrubs and plants overgrown. They will lack fullness of leaves and flowers that once made them desirable in the beginning. We want to keep all of your shrubs, trees and hedges full of new growth, remove any dead or dying branches, while keeping them uniform and healthy. Not every tree or shrub can be trimmed the same, or even at the same time of the year. The professionals at Blueshine Inc. know when and what services are necessary to keep your shrubs and trees looking their best.

What We Trim & Prune

We do not trim or remove large trees as this requires large equipment and is a specialty service. We can recommend a great tree removal company to our customers if needed. We do trim and prune many different types of shrubs, small trees and flowering plants in the Lake County areas.

• Early Spring Flowering Trees & Shrubs
• Summer Blooming Trees and Shrubs
• Hydrangeas
• Clipped Hedges
• Roses
• Shade Trees
• Fruit Trees
• Evergreens
• Pine Trees
• Perennial & Annual Flowers

Call us at our number above to come to your residential or commercial property so we can help maintain all your shrubs, flowers and small trees. These services can be included in our maintenance packages.

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